2021-2022 Fall/Spring Schedule

Classes start the week of August 30th

Please email Ms. Becca at [email protected] for information on our leveled ballet program.  Classes are not listed online at this time.


9:30-10:15 Ballet/Tap/Tumbling ages 2-3 with Ms. Barbara Jean
10:30-11:30 Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 4-6 with Ms. Barbara Jean
5:30-6:30 Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 4-6 with Ms. Becca


4:30-5:30 Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 7-9 with Ms. Becca
5:30-6:30 Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 4-6 with Ms. Becca
6:30-7:30  Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 5-8 with Ms. Kiki


9:30-10:00 Angel Feet “Mommy and Me with Ms. Becca
10:00-10:45 Ballet/Tap/Tumbling ages 2-3 with Ms. Becca
11:00-12:00 Ballet/Tap/Jazz ages 4-6 with Ms. Becca

*More classes to be added soon*

Class Tuition

Annual enrollment fee: $30 per family due the first week of classes.

Monthly Tuition

30 min- $35

45 min- $50

1 hour- $65

1.5 hour- $80

2 hour- $110

3 hour- $135

Any classes after three hours will be $20 a month per class.

Additional Fees/Discounts

Early Bird Discount
Tuition paid in full at the beginning of the season will receive a 10% discount. Payment must be made by September 13th.

Automatic Deduction of Tuition *NEW AS OF JUNE 7, 2021.

Starting June 7th, 2021 all tuition and registration fees will be automatically drafted from accounts using credit/debit entered at registration.  Summer session fees will be drafted at the end of each session week.  Fall/Spring class fees will be drafted on the first Monday of every month.

Late Fee
Payment made after the 28th of prior month of current month due (or declined/ expired credit card by the 28th) will be charged $25.

Returned-check Fee
There will be a $25 service fee charged for all returned checks.

Recital Costume and Fees

High Pointe will provide a handbook to parents the first week of dancer’s class that outlines recital fees and additional information.

Additional Information

Tuition is paid monthly by credit/debit card draft on the 1st Monday of each month, September-May. Fees are non-refundable and there are no refunds for missed or dropped classes. Tuition is based on enrollment not attendance. Written notice must be given to drop classes.

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