Policies & FAQ

Registration & Recital tuition pricing can be found in each class description in our registration system. Additional fees include costume and recital fee.

Tuition is paid by monthly credit/debit card draft on the 1st Monday of each month (excluding holidays) September-May. The credit card information you entered when you registered will be used to pay your tuition and fees at High Pointe. You may change your card at any time by logging into the customer portal. Summer session fees will be drafted at the end of each session or camp. All Performing Company fees will be automatically drafted on scheduled due dates.

A $15 late fee will be applied on the 10th of each month if tuition & fees are not paid in full.

Registration fee, tuition, costumes, and recital tuition are non-refundable. There are NO refunds for missed or dropped classes. Tuition is based on enrollment not attendance.

Bentonville: High Pointe will follow the Bentonville Public School’s inclement weather policy. If Bentonville is closed High Pointe is closed. If conditions improve during the day we may open. Please check the website, Facebook, Instagram, for the most up to date information.

Class attendance is essential and determines the success of a dancer’s progress, sense of accomplishment, technical development, and confidence. Absences become critical leading up to the recital, not only for the student but also for fellow dancers. Please partner with us at High Pointe by remaining committed throughout the full nine-month school year. If your child will be absent for any reason, please notify the studio by phone or email.

You may withdraw from classes at any time from High Pointe. Drop requests must be submitted in WRITING and must be received by the High Pointe office before the 1st of the month. If we do not receive the written request, tuition will continue to be billed. Email [email protected] to withdraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?
All dancers must be dressed in proper dance attire along with the proper shoes to achieve the most from their dance education. Correct placement can only be seen through appropriate dancewear such as leotards, tights, skirts, dance pants, fitted tanks, etc. Our recreational classes have an open dress code with pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes required. Skin tone jazz shoes may be required for several older recreational classes.

Can we do makeup classes?
Absolutely! Dancers may take any class offered within their age group as a makeup class.

When do you start recital choreography? Are we required to perform in the recital?
We don’t start our recital dances until the beginning of January, with an emphasis on technique throughout the year. We choose tasteful and age-appropriate costumes and choreography for all our recreational dancers. We want parents to feel comfortable and proud of what their children are presenting on stage. We feel the focus of the performance should reflect what the students have learned throughout the year.

Dancers are not required to do the recital. A written notice will need to be given if you plan on not attending the recital.

Can parents stay in class and watch?
Parents are not allowed in the classroom but can watch through our two-sided window.